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Vivian Chih 遲惟文

Account Director 公關總監

除了 Passion! 更追求達到專案目標與創造客品牌共贏的 Profession


在公關、行銷和客戶管理方面擁有近 9 年的工作經驗。Vivian於 2013 年畢業於美國雪城大學取得經濟學與金融學學位時,曾於渣打銀行公關部實習打開她對行銷公關的興趣。

於達豐公關近四年的經驗中,Vivian 負責橫跨 B2B 和 B2C 的客戶的長期公關服務與專案,包括丹寧領導服飾 LEVI’S;半導體手機晶片高通、夏普智慧型手機;以及半導體通訊協會 MIPI 等。從執行到規劃與專案管理,以有效的媒體策略與專案推動創造客戶投資效益。

Vivian曾於韓系美妝電商擔任行銷經理,主要負責美妝網站行銷活動企劃與執行、洽談網紅以及其他異業合作,增加網站流量與購買率。另外也熟悉 Google 廣告操作與成效追蹤分析,以及多家網路購物平台的維護與行銷活動企劃。

Vivian 於 2019 加入影響力量,透過過去結合公關與電商的經驗,協助成功的新創公司以新公關思維,創造活動媒體曝光並帶動商機。2020 年起,Vivian 更以她結合公關與數位能力,與更多台灣企業包括:綠藤生機、逗寶國際、富宇建設等進行長期公關規畫。

PLUS Passion, seeking for the profession in win-win solutions for brands!


Vivian has almost 9 years of working experience in public relations, marketing and account management. She graduated from Syracuse University in 2013 majoring in Economics with a minor in Finance. Her interest at PR and marketing was lighted up in her internship in DBS bank.

During her over three-year-experience at Compass Public Relations, Vivian has managed a wide variety of accounts from B2B to B2C, including LEVI’S, Qualcomm, Sharp, Diageo etc. She planned, executed and analyzed events/campaigns with targeted focus on individual company culture and needs.

Vivian recently worked as Marketing Manager in a Korean cosmetics e-commerce website, Misshan. Her responsibilities included marketing campaign for website and e-commerce platforms, advertisement monitoring, and cross-industry promotion. She developed and executed marketing strategies that aims to reach target audience effectively and systematically.

Vivian joined Influence PR in 2019, with the past experiences in PR and EC marketing, she successful achieved PR campaigns by creating communication values to the sales contribution and won positive feedback from clients. In 2020, through her expertise both in PR and digital, she established more long-term PR services with good Taiwanese brands as Greenvines, DollBao International, Fuyu Constructions to achieve the win-win solutions for brands.

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