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Carter Ho 何弘勇

Vice President 副總經理



進入公共關係相關產業超過 10 年的時間,經歷過平面雜誌業務、品牌公關、活動公司、公關公司等不同領域,鍛鍊出多元溝通與執行能力。

2010 年畢業於政治大學公共行政學系,培養了政治、管理、經濟、外交等不同面向的能力,進入了公共關係領域後,也將上述能力運用於品牌服務中,透過前瞻性的策略思考、團隊合作管理、具效率的執行與回饋,持續為所服務客戶帶來嶄新的公關成效。

2012 進入時尚雜誌,服務從平價到高端等多領域的消費型品牌,隨後進入新銳設計師品牌擔任行銷公關,一路培養公關策略思考及活動執行等兩大面向的能力。2016 年進入達豐公關擔任資深公關經理,負責客戶包括美國高通公司 Qualcomm、短影音平台 TikTok、LEVI’S 以及 BMW。

2019 年加入影響力量公關團隊,曾負責專案包括麻省理工學院國際融合創新大賽 (MIT IIC 2019 亞洲區競賽)、STAYREAL 與傳說對決首次合作公關操作以及 Formosa I 海洋風電首座離岸風場啟動記者會等國際性、跨產業以及與政府單位相關聯繫的大型合作。2020 起服務許多台灣新興好品牌如提提研、好物飛行、早安美芝城、南一書局等客戶,透過資深媒體觀察以及數位觀點,有效證明公關價值。

Possessed of great passion for public relations industry and believe that sincere negotiations, communication and compromise can always bring about a win-win situation!


Carter has been in the public relations industry over 10 years and experienced various types of jobs such as media, in-house brand PR, event company and PR company. Therefore, he has developed multi-dimensional communication and execution capabilities.

Graduated from the Department of Public Administration of NCCU, Carter has cultivated different abilities in politics, management, economics and diplomacy during my four-year study. After entering the PR industry, he applied those capabilities to my client service. Through forward-looking strategic thinking, teamwork, efficient execution and feedback, he continues to bring new PR results to clients.

Carter entered the fashion media and served a variety of consumer brands from low price to high-end in 2012, and then entered the cutting-edge designer brand as a Marketing & PR, thus opening up insights and perceptions of digital marketing. He joint Compass PR as a Senior Account Manager at Compass PR and was responsible for clients including Qualcomm, Levi’s, TikTok and BMW.

Carter joined Influence PR in 2019 and has led for the international, cross-over industry and government-level scale PR campaigns such as MIT IIC 2019 Asia Award Ceremony, STAYREAL x AOV and Formosa I Offshore Wind Farm Inauguration. 2020, serving Taiwanese raising brands, such as TTM, HaWooo and MACC Breakfast chain stores and Nan-I Publications- he extends his creativity into brands and bring out the value of PR cross boundaries. 

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